Friday, July 7, 2017

Robert Cray - Selected Rarities

This is a compilation of mine...following on from KC's Robert Cray retrospective...

Robert Cray - Selected Rarities

Tracks 1 to 7 have been dubbed by me fom 12" singles RC released in the UK, direct to Yamaha Digital Recorder. They do not appear in this form on any of his albums. (1985-88)

Tracks 8 to 11 are from an FM broadcast of Eric Clapton's Blues Night at the Royal Albert Hall on 03 Feb 1990 - From my tapes.

Tracks 12 to 19 are from an FM broadcast recorded in London on 20 May 1992 - From my tapes

It's a great listen from a master !


GuitarGus said...

Robert Cray - Selected Rarities here :!DcVyEboT!51yWof0ILGaGUmgDbRo9LOE5VweMoAEoTtzkiUAb_bA

Preslives said...

Thanks, Gus!

pmac said...

Love it - more Cray!!! Thanks, Gus.
Hey KC - what happened to the chat function?

Dave Thomas said...

Thanks, look forward to listening to it. Will see Robert at the Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival in N.O. in October

Frank RIzzo said...

Wow! Thanks a lot!!

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