Monday, July 24, 2017

Z.Z. Hill - Turn Back the Hands of Time

repost by request:

Given that KC and Dr. Hepcat announced that they have now assembled the entire Z.Z. Hill discography, I decided to get some hype going here.  I have a lot of questions and have never heard some of this puzzling discography.

For example, this intriguing collection was released a while back under the title "Rare and Previously Unreleased Recordings: 1965-1972," but with no discographical information about the contents.

Looking at the on-line discography of Z.Z. 45s supplied by Soulful Kinda Music (, this collection would appear to contain some of Z.Z.'s very first recordings made for his brother's MH label, as well as the listed early Messa 45.  However, these recordings were made before 1965.  Some of them were also re-recorded later, raising some questions.

The rest of the songs here would appear to come from the 1970s, also from the MH label, the Hill label, the Audrey label...   The Soulful Kinda Music discography would indicate that there is most likely a lot more where that came from.

I look forward from some enlightenment from KC and Dr. Hepcat.  :)


Preslives said...

Anonymous said...

All but two accounted for below:
01 Ain't Too Proud To Beg-AUDREY 224
02 Turn Back The Hands Of Time.mp3
03 My Girl-MHR 228
04 It Can Be Fixed-AUDREY 223
05 Nine Pound Steel.mp3
06 Don't Make Me Pay For His Mistakes-HILL 222
07 Mr. Nobody's Somebody-MHR 221
08 Sweet Woman-AUDREY 224
09 One Way Love Affair-MH 222
10 Think People-HILL 222
11 You Better Take Time-AUDREY 223
12 Five Will Get You Ten-MESA 200
13 The Right To Love-MESA 200
14 You Were Wrong-MH 200


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KingCake said...

Glad to see the Dr chipping in on this, I have some organizing work left to do on both this and our Percy Mayfield projects as health and other real life issues have kept me from sitting down and finishing the process. One thing that seems pretty clear is that the Hill brothers had no issues with repackaging and issuing ZZ's material on multiple labels over time, often with no perceptible changes. What appear to be re-recordings are often just reissues in different packaging. Ironically and album titled The Brand New ZZ Hill was mostly older material repacked and reformatted.

Preslives said...

Thanks, KC and Dr. Hepcat!

Meem said...

Hi there, I've been trying to find Think People, which appears on this comp. Any chance of a re-up of this? Love ZZ Hill!

KingCake said...

D0dge57 said...

@Preslives Many thanks for this, you can never have enough ZZ

Meem said...

Thanks so much for the re-up! Looking forward to listening :)

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