Wednesday, January 24, 2018

William D. Smith - A Good Feelin'

This is an mp3 dl of my 24/48 lp rip.

"An overlooked chapter in the mainstream rise of New Orleans soul in the 70s – and a great little set arranged and produced by Allen Toussaint during his years on Warner Brothers! The album's got a similar feel to Toussaint's own albums for Warner, although perhaps a bit mellower and more personal overall – with a style that shifts between some sweet mid-tempo funky numbers and even better ballads and love songs – all sung by Smith with a sweetly crackling voice that we really like, and served up in that "New Orleans via LA" style of Toussaint's later 70s productions. Smith plays piano and sings, and the band includes Toussaint, James Booker, and Leo Nocentelli. Titles include "I'll Be Rolling (With The Punches)", "Take Your Pick", "We Flew Away", "Fooled Ya", and "What Am I To Do"."  © 1996-2015, Dusty Groove, Inc.


pmac said...

I remember this guy, but didn't recall that he had issued an album. many thanks for kicking this old man's brain!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I'm looking for the album 'Jessie Hill - Naturally' - would be awesome if it's posted here.. thanx-in-advance

snakeboy said...

A pleasant surprise. Thanks for posting.

Jazzjet said...

Your recommendation plus the participants makes this a 'must download'. Thanks, KC.

LAZZ said...

Met Mister Smith in my kitchen yesterday morning. Settled in and paid attention.
How is it this guy got lost on the left-turn of the lottery in life and I missed him?
Those opening tracks that Gus found poorly placed were the best for me.
Seductive architecture that made me stretch as far as Astral Weeks for reference.
Almost. - But good writing, good arrangements, and great production.
Good to have - and looking forward to laying it on the ears of friends.
Thanks KC.
Very tasty.

Tommy C said...

This one really makes me happy - a very pleasant surprise. Years ago I came across a song by him - I Feel So Good With You Baby - that I loved. I had never heard of him and couldn't find anything else by him at the time. And now lo and behold here's the album with that song. And the rest are great too. I'm really digging' this.
Thanks a lot.

Unknown said...

Jazz, I’m curious... William Daniel Smith “Smitty”passed away in 1997.
With that said how on earth did you meet him in 2015?

KingCake said...

muddyw123 said...

New to me. Very Curious. If you post it, it must be good!

imnokid said...

Thanx for this. Lost mine in a crash a couple years ago.

Anonymous said...


Was a founding member of CANADIAN group Motherlode in late 60's (# 18 Billboard Hit "When I Die" in '69).Presently listening to their '69 "When I Die" LP = Jazz, Soul, Pop sound.
Check out his mini bio here:

Thanx for this one.

Ciao! For now.

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