Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Nolan Struck - I Got Bills To Pay +

"Nolan Struck was born in the heart of Creole Country near Lafayette, Louisiana. At a young age, Nolan left home and was drawn to the exciting music and dance clubs in Port Arthur, Texas. One night Nolan's performance caught the attention of the talented guitarist/vocalist, Lonnie Brooks. A few weeks later, Lonnie called Nolan to Chicago to join his band.

In 1967, Nolan formed his own band called "The Soul Brothers" where he played bass and sang along with his guitarist/vocalist brother King Edward. Reflecting the influences of B.B. King and Little Walter, (and maybe Joe Tex?) Noland released his first original recording titled, "The Fire Don't Burn All The Time," which received a great deal of attention both Overseas and in the United States.

Nolan had several successful releases in the 70's and 80's on Retta Records including the single, "My Nerves Gone Bad", "I'm Falling In Love", and the album "I Got Bills To Pay". He and his American blues legends toured extensively in France, England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and throughout the Southern and Midwestern United States. During his tours, Nolan Struck has appeared with artists such as John Lee Hooker, Albert King, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Koko Taylor, Tyrone Davis, Artie "Blues Boy" White, and the late Johnny Taylor."

The links contain the album and the mentioned singles in a separate package.


Lou Cypher said...

Thank you very much KingCake. It's not everyday that one comes across some Nolan Struck's music!

pmac said...

I actually knew of this guy, but didn't have these discs. Many thanks, KC!

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muddyw123 said...

Very rare! Tx a lot.

Dave Thomas said...

Thanks very much KingCake a great choice.

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