Monday, June 26, 2017

Robert Cray & Hi Rhythm

OH YES YES YES!!!! The Robert Cray who blew my mind some 20 years ago is BACK!!!. After those first 3 classic albums, it has been spotty at best....until now!!!  Bad Bob has finally seen his calling as the ZZ Hill of his generation! Can't recall being more thrilled by something NEW in this genre for a loooooong time!

Start to finish you gonna be MOVIN', I promise! Vocals better than ever, guitar work brings back the smoke....Damn this is good!!


KingCake said...

Preslives said...

KC - I agree with you 100% on this one. This is the best Robert Cray album in a while. The mix with Hi Rhythm is a natural one. The songs are good. Cray is on his game!

GuitarGus said...

Pre-ordered my CD copy...had it for a while... It's a gas !
Love RC and have had the privilege to share his company a few times
Bad Influence back in 1986 was a high-point in Blues for me...And I was at his UK breakthrough gig ...way before the USA appreciated this new kid on the block...Some of his albums have been disappointing songwise...but never the performances
This was a good move...RC is keeping this music alive...And he does it every time at live gigs...Just like SVR did and Keb' Mo' too

the doc said...

I really enjoyed this recording!! Great record by a great soul singer!! Thanks for the share as I had more or less given up on Cray as he seemed locked into a boring road before.

-the doc-

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