Monday, May 20, 2013

King Floyd of New Orleans

Our old friend Le Porc Rouge left links to the other two Atlantic King Floyd albums so I figured I owed it to you to post my FLAC rip of Cliff's perfect mint copy of the first album with the big hit Groove Me.

" King Floyd (February 13, 1945 – March 6, 2006)
King Floyd III was born in New Orleans in 1945. His musical career started as a singer at the Sho-Bar on Bourbon Street. Following a stint in the army, Floyd went to California, where he joined up with record producer Harold Battiste. His debut album, A Man In Love, featuring songs co-written with Dr. John, failed to make an impact on the charts. Floyd returned to New Orleans in 1969 and worked for the Post Office.

In 1970, Wardell Quezergue, an arranger of R&B scores, persuaded Floyd to record "Groove Me" with Malaco Records in Jackson, Mississippi. Jean Knight recorded her hit, "Mr. Big Stuff," in the same sessions.

At first, "Groove Me" was a B-side to another Floyd song, "What Our Love Needs." New Orleans radio DJ's started playing "Groove Me" and the song became a local hit. Atlantic Records picked up national distribution of "Groove Me," which topped the United States R&B chart and reached #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 & went to #41 in Britain. This disc sold over one million copies, and received a gold disc awarded by the R.I.A.A. in December 1970. Floyd quit his job at the post office to perform a U.S. tour. His follow-up single, "Baby Let Me Kiss You" climbed up to number 29 on the Billboard Top 40 charts in 1971.

However, differences with Quezergue soon emerged and his 1973 follow-up album, Think About It, although a fine album, failed to make much impact. However, Atlantic released a song from the album, "Woman Don't Go Astray" as a single. His 1975 album, Well Done, was released through TK Records with Atlantic distributing. "I Feel Like Dynamite" from the album, written by Larry Hamilton, became a minor hit."


KingCake said...

porco said...

King Floyd: Think About It (1973)

Here's a New Orleans guy that hasn't appeared on the blog so far. Despite a great voice and solid original compositions, Floyd's career never really took of. "Groove Me" remains the only track most people remember.

This Atlantic album is a wonderful meeting of gritty Stax soul and New Orleans funk. A favourite of mine.

My rip, flac & scans from vinyl, two files:

P.S.: Floyd's first album, "Heart of the matter" aka "A Man In Love" can be found here@192 kbps:

King Floyd vinylto flac rip

Anonymous said...

Wowowowowow! Didn't expect to go home with a lossless rip of Floyd's Groove Me album. I play Think About It quite regulary. It has just the right mix of grittiness and sophistication. Really looking forward to hearing it's predecessor. BIG thanks KC!

Goofy said...

Great post. I know him by name only.

GuitarGus said...

Big Thanks Porco KC and Cliff
Love this guy and his soulful funky N'Orleans
style - Listening now - A real treat !
Cheers guys !

enoch said...

Many thanks. wonderful stuff.


enoch said...

Many thanks. wonderful stuff.


wouter said...

i vaguely remember king floyd from the old days, but i never had any music by him.
i just listened to both albums. i like the first one a lot. the second album is a little bit over-produced for my taste, but still good.

thanks very much, porco and KC!

Jazzjet said...

I only know 'Groove Me' from that Take Me To The River comp so nice to get a broader experience. Many thanks.

Nadim Abraham said...

please re up these albums thank you

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