Saturday, April 7, 2018

Bobby Bland - Touch Of The Blues

In years past I believe I posted all of my Duke recordings at least twice, but I don't recall ever posting any of Bland's later work. I don't have all that much to offer, but I have 4 from the pre-Malaco period and a few of the Malaco albums as well.

"B.B. King was preaching the blues to psychedelic kids at the Fillmore Auditorium; Otis Redding turned them on at the Monterey Pop Festival and made a quantum songwriting leap in the folk-soul majesty of "The Dock of the Bay." But vocal lion Bobby "Blue" Bland spent his 1967 standing tall and still, belting these 10 tracks of heartache and bedroom triumph as if he'd just turned the calendar page on his '57 smash "Farther Up the Road" and the '61 hits "I Pity the Fool" and "Turn On Your Love Light." There were hints of modernism: the Stax-like gait of "Sweet Loving"; Bland's heated exchange with a female vocalist in "Sad Feeling," suggesting the call-response dynamite of Sly and the Family Stone. But the best moments, like the immolation of Charles Brown's 1945 chestnut "Driftin' Blues," were robust purism – the reason why white fans like Eric Clapton and the Grateful Dead adored and covered Bland, doing his crossover work for him." Rolling Stone (Fricke, Christgau)

This was clearly a download from some kind soul long ago forgotten, my thanks to the originator; I pass on your generosity.


KingCake said...

pmac said...

Wow. Is there such a thing as a bad Bobby Bland record?!? Thanks, KC!

Anonymous said...

A long time all time favorite. No one does it like Bobby !

JennyD said...

I am ashamed that I don't say Thank You, KingCake, as often as I should. I am astounded at the breadth of your great liners that go with these wonderful albums of all these artists. I have learned so much from you and anytime that I drop by and see an artist name with an album I wasn't familiar with, the first thing to go through my mind, is "Oh boy, I wonder what he has to say about this one", and off I go clicking and reading like it's the novel of the year. I love it and I hope you never quit. Do you know what caught me the first time I came here? It was 2 things: one was the really great header photo that I never tire of seeing; pure art. Then second was your explanation of the old blues places, one being my hometown and where I am to this day, Richmond, Va. Best days of my life were listening to the old and young playing blues here. Some became famous, some not, but all were a very big deal here. And so, KingCake, I Thank YOU for all your work and devotion to your blog. I am absolutely in love with it.

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