Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Little Milton - Chicago Blues & Soul...(1953 - 1962)

This disc has a large overlap with the previously posted Anthology disc, but about 20% of that disc is not here and about 40% of this disc is not there. Someday I may resolve the 2, but that day is not today. There  are a couple Sun alternates not included on the 2 discs and some of the Bobbin stuff is missing as well (not much). A couple alternates appear in the Charley Sun Blues Box and I'll go through the Bear Family version of the Sun Blues Box later today because Cliff thinks that it may have other alternates. He also believe he has the rest of the Bobbin tracks on a comp, but he can't recall the name of that comp. Isn't old age marvelous?


KingCake said...!edQT0Q7J!duWs2IAYmr1CI1adxkN3P1pfuylttasNu-sRd-02h4U

GuitarGus said...

Well I for one am grateful for this...a better cleaner version of 'Love At First Sight' Great ! And in flac
Cheers KC

Brush&Stick said...

Thank you for this early collection!

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