Friday, March 30, 2018

Little Milton - 3 Stax LP's

 These 3 LP's contain some material not included in the Singles collection. The Live album seems to be all unique and some of the album versions of songs in the singles are different versions.


KingCake said...

Waiting for... (Thanks to Dr. Hepcat for better version)
Blues n Soul (flac)!WBBRxRpY!p9vICy3rNBju6bMNemyXGD3EJr6PuwXOee1grMrVccQ
Grits Ain't Groceries (Live)(flac)!zJ5HyaJI!jfA62UIrjLq1Jf0Jjphn-jCL-jvYtBhSamrr7c_Al2o

Raulo said...

Many thanks King

muddyw123 said...

Tx for the upgrade and FLAC's. Makes a difference!

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