Saturday, November 4, 2017

Muddy Waters - Hoochie Coochie Man (Live 1964)

It's been a while since we've had a Muddy Waters album here...I didn't want to post the obvious classics as I'm sure we all have those in our collections (or should !).
Here is a very good live recording that is perfect for listening in the late hours with a beer (or...Champagne & Reefer...?) in hand !
...And is slightly more obscure than his Chess live sets. It's a favourite of mine from the greatest Bluesman of them all (along with Robert Johnson, Howlin' Wolf and B B King...of course !)
The band consists of Muddy - Guitar and vocals, Otis Spann - Piano, George Smith - Harmonica, Sammy Lawhorn - Guitar, Luther Johnson - Bass and Francis Clay - Drums...Or so we are told from the lack of proper detail and info re where these recordings originate from. But don't let this put you off...It's a unique chilled Muddy with plenty of his slide-guitar and wonderful voice.

Robert Gordon in his book 'Can't Be Satisfied - The Life And Times Of Muddy Waters' (2002) has this to say about this recording : 
'...Hoochie Coochie Man (Laserlight) is notable both for its raucous slide guitar and its interesting set list (including 'Rosalie', an obscure track from the Library of Congress recordings). Recorded in 1964, the CD captures Muddy at his mightiest; during 'Tiger In Your Tank', when the guitar is about to overcome the vocals (as it rightly should, growling), the soundman abruptly adjusts it - it pains me every time. Nonetheless , among Muddy's live discs, this one's the one.'   

Note : on this CD 'Tiger In Your Tank' is wrongly titled as 'Sittin' And Thinkin' (track 4) amongst other errors ...I do believe that this label was a cheap release-anything-that-might-sell company...but this is a diamond for MW fans...his performances and voice are superb ! - Here as flac & mp3 with complete scans - Enjoy Gus


GuitarGus said...

My rip & full scans

Flac here :!7F92GLpY!mEYg32MCietKa7u0Qz0lAx13Dq6RF3uU_-CJNP3ERjo

Mp3@320 here :!OZdhlTQL!6GzwgJW-a4DEket8f8spWDmOm-NC5VE_uwTmVMx8Njw

pmac said...

Did not have this one, and I'm a huge Muddy fan. Thanks, Gus!

ramson said...

Easily one of the three best Muddy Waters lives I've ever listened.
Great, great thanks!

Preslives said...

This is indeed one of the great live Muddy Waters discs, a fantastic addition to Chitlins.

As for the discography, I believe that the first five tracks were recorded in Europe in 1964 with Otis Spann (p), Ransom Knowling (b), and Willie Smith (d). The remaining tracks are from the 1972 Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland with George Buford (h), Lafayette Leake (p), Louis Meyers (g), Dave Myers (b), and Fred Below (d).

GuitarGus said...

Thanks Pres
The recording is great...but the care for detail on the artwork is so bad...Did they guess the song titles ? George Smith Sax ??? Perhaps they meant Mississippi Saxophone !!! LOL ! But like you say it's a unique chilled MW with a great vibe...Ta for the info

carlos said...


Daver88 said...

Many Thanks Gus & Pres for the details. Vocals & guitar are exellent on this. I can see on track 4 Muddys vocals were off the meter so the soundman just dragged it all down about 3db. Not very subtle & as noted the guitar just about disappeared. Some soundmen just love playing with those sliders.

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