Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Muddy Waters - Mud In Your Ear

A repost by request: 

Muddy Waters - Mud In Your Ear
Muse 5008, 1967

A1 Diggin' My Potatoes     3:08    
A2 Watch Dog     3:03    
A3 Sting It     2:30    
A4 Why'd You Do Me?     3:22    
A5 Natural Wig     3:15    
B1 Mud In Your Ear     2:50    
B2 Excuse Me Baby     2:04    
B3 Sad Day Uptown     4:09    
B4 Top Of The Boogaloo     4:09    
B5 Long Distance Call     3:51

    Drums – Francis Clay
    Guitar – Muddy Waters, Sammy Langhorne
    Guitar, Vocals – Luther Johnson
    Harmonica, Vocals – George "Mojo" Buford
    Piano – Otis Spann

Here is one of those incidences where the Muse showed some very sketchy Record Exec type morality. THIS IS NOT A MUDDY WATERS ALBUM!! This is a Muddy Waters Band album featuring his guitarist Luther 'Snake' Johnson as the band leader and Waters' alleged participation is, at best, inaudible, if he is there at all! Given the level of the players this is totally worthwhile stuff but the packaging represents the automatic sales cache' of Waters in the early 70's rather than the actual content of the album. The album was initially on the old Douglas label under Luther's name.


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Dear KC
Back from Nola and Jazzfest.
Loved the place.
Been playing Muddy this week, looking forward to this one
Thanks for everything

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